Jewelry design


Online Course for Fashion Lovers.

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Tiffany Bähler is a jewelry designer established in the old town of Lausanne.


She founded her studio in 2015. Specialized in the development of jewelry product, the studio offers creative, design and consulting services to its customers with a strong sense of partnership and discretion.

  • live lectures with Q&A sessions
  • lesson recordings are available 24/7
  • certificate upon completion of training
  • private group for discussion with teachers and students


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Course Lessons:

  1. Introduction to Jewellery drawing
  2. Construction of Gem (Geometry)
  3. Construction of Gem (Technical Drawing)
  4. Gems Drawing (Gouache)
  5. Pearls Drawing (Gouache)
  6. Your own Design (Gouache)


In a world in continuous evolution, it is extremely important being constantly up-to-date. Since nowadays Jewelry Designer and Professionals on field are increased in importance. Our jewellery course has been scheduled in response to the great demand coming from Fashion World. The designer jewelry course gives our students the instruments to learn the most important techniques of drawing jewels: pantone, tempera, pastels, pencils, eco lines, technical draw and orthogonal projection. Those techniques are supplemented by an introductive anatomical study on face and hands. Moreover, the students will be introduced to a deep study around the costume jewelry, symbolism of jewels and to a more commercial and technical knowledge regarding the quality of precious and semi-precious stones and metals.